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Providing coats and other support to underprivileged children through the Durham Public School's McKinney-Vento Program

I’m Benny Klein one of the Co-Founders of Bundle Up Durham and I am a student at Durham Academy a local high school. In the winter of 2015, our neighbor Shalini Ramasunder noticed students waiting at the bus-stop on a freezing morning without warm coats. After learning more about the issue, Shalini approached my brothers and myself and asked if we would like to help start a service project. The problem at hand is that throughout Durham Public Schools(DPS), there are 800-900 displaced kids. As former DPS students, my brothers and I witnessed this issue first hand throughout our elementary education.To help assist those in need, we decided to solicit for pledges, set up coat drives, and fundraise money in order to provide coats to the DPS community.

Since then, our organization has taken off. In total, we have raised just shy of $10,000 and donated hundreds of coats. We partner with Melody Marshall the DPS homeless liaison who ensures that our contributions find their way to those who need them most. Now, we hope you make a donation on the website or contact us to find out more. Thank you in advance for your support.